Everybody knows that, when it comes to the cruel fashion industry, you either shock or leave for good. Few are the people who receive a second chance after a public disaster (like John Galliano only a few seasons back); 99% of worldwide plethora of designers either commit to eccentricity and misalignment, either disappear from the eyes of the media and fashion victims.

As cruel as it may seem, this dictum finds itself responsible for the constant reformation and reinventing of fashion, brands and designers. Opulence, extravagance and madness are no longer seen as decadent vices, but are embraced by all those who aspire to conquer the world through extraordinary garments and pieces of clothing.            

Roman Magnus Palatine IL, reputed tailor based in Palatino, Illinois, has widely commented upon the fashion industry trends and the masters behind masterpieces before actually joining them. Although he sticks true to his convictions and only creates men’s clothing, his vision towards the entire fashion industry is nevertheless unique and enchanting.

Without affiliating to any particular brand, house or designer, Roman Magnus talks about trends, how are they interpreted and reinterpreted each season, as well as how some ideas, once considered avant-garde, became now mainstream, dull and common.

Asymmetry is probably among Roman’s favorite fashion inspirations, especially since it is all about the length and not necessarily about fabrics or colors. Turning back to former glories and ceased history moments seems to be a designer’s top choice for inspiration; worldwide sensations like Miuccia Prada are known for their cyclic “return to innocence”. Prada’s Fall/Winter 2013 collection represents the designer’s choice to reinterpret asymmetry (if this is possible) and give it a fresh new look. In this latest Prada collection, asymmetry was used to create a fuller silhouette, brought into prominence by opulent choices of fabrics with sequins, or sheer fabrics. One of the designer’s favorite, leather was predictably turned into garments with metallic finishes and combined with defined waists which imprinted style and elegance. Asymmetry in its shape was especially used for the tops, covering the bottom parts but revealing a lot more on the upper ones.

As a perfectionist tailor, Magnus must have noticed a slight sense of daring in the latest Prada collection, full of elegant but not overly chic reinterpretations of waists, juxtaposed fabrics, asymmetry and opulent leather mixtures. The result is by far a shocker, revealing that mistakes and lack of originality are only afforded by brands with dozens of years of history and shouting success.