When it comes to political talk radio, there are so many stations that you can tune into. You can tune in to stations that are non-biased or stations that align with certain points of view. One of the most popular formats to listen to lately has been conservative talk radio. Conservative talk radio hosts are able to talk on a wide range of topics, with viewpoints that even libertarians can agree with.

This has only been true since the abolishment of the Fairness Doctrine in 1987, which meant that stations no longer had to present contrasting views. Read on to learn what conservative talk radio is, who the top conservative hosts are, and a small conservative talk radio stations list you are sure to enjoy.

What is conservative talk radio, and how was it affected by the Fairness Doctrine?

Conservative talk radio is a format of talk radio devoted to expressing conservative viewpoints. In general, conservative talk radio is generally defined as being broad enough to include libertarian talk show hosts. As previously discussed, the conservative talk radio format has become one of the most popular stations in America since the abolition of the Fairness Doctrine in 1987.

The Fairness Doctrine was upheld by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), who has final say in all things radio and TV. It hit on two basic elements — requiring broadcasters to devote airtime to controversial matters of public interest, and airing views that contrasted on those matters.  Equal time for opposing views was not required. The abolition of this has meant that talk radio hosts have more freedom to freely express their views. This gives room for stations and podcasts that lean strictly toward one party or the other, yet still leaving room for unbiased stations still.

Top conservative talk radio host and stations

Some of the most popular stations and hosts include:

  • Mark Levin with his shows, The Mark Levin Show and Life, Liberty, & Levin

You can catch The Mark Levin Show on Westwood One, Inc. and Life, Liberty, & Levin on Fox News

  • Glenn Beck and his show, The Glenn Beck Show

The Glenn Beck show is aired on Premiere Networks or iHeart radio. Glenn Beck also has his own network, TheBlaze, that you can follow his views on.

  • And Sean Hannity with his show The Sean Hannity Show

The Sean Hannity Show can also be heard on Premiere Networks or iHeart radio

These shows and hosts were propelled into national syndication following the abolition of the Fairness Act and following the wave of nationalism after the 911 attacks.

Finding the right station for you

If you are looking for a conservative radio station to call home, do your research to find the best one for you. Ask friends, family, and neighbors what stations or podcasts they listen to. Determine what you want out of a station — extreme opinions, challenges to your views, the ability to join in or contribute, etc. Search online for conservative talk radio stations list and tune into a few to listen.

You can also search for more information on the top conservative talk radio hosts to find someone you agree with and can follow. Just remember, it is up to you whether you continue to listen to a station or host. If you do not agree with another person’s view, or you find a host irritating, you have the freedom to change the channel or turn off the show. We can all peacefully share our opinion to make this world a better place.