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Why UK Education is harder than Australian education?

Recently, the UK was beaten by Australia as the second most sought-after study destination globally for students. Is it because most students prefer to study in Australia because of the easy education system there? On the other hand, is UK education really tough? The UK is a globally known education destination for its challenging education system that requires numerous students to avail of assignment help from external sources to pass their subjects. 

However, is there really a difference in the education system of both countries? SO, let’s try to find that out and more about the quality of education in both countries in this blog! 

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Both countries have an admission process that students need to follow. So let’s have a look at them country-wise.

  • UK admissions

For undergraduate courses in the UK, most colleges and universities there require students to have at least 13 years of education. This is a strict rule that every student has to follow, and education institutions there specifically check applicants’ academic history before proceeding further with their application. 

For post-graduate courses, one can get admission after finishing a three years undergraduate degree. For gaining admission into certain management courses, students need to sit for the GMAT exam. Students wishing to study science streams need to take the GRE. Also, preference is given to students who have some years of work experience. 

  • Australian admissions

For all the undergraduate courses this country offers, students need to have 12 years of education. This makes it easy for students of certain countries like India to get admission into the course of their choice directly.  

All students need to have a three-year undergraduate degree for post-graduate courses like the UK. You will also need to sit for the GMAT and GRE for management and science courses. Also, work experience is not a determining factor here and does not secure admission for students. 

As we can see here, the process of getting admission into an Australian college might be easier for some students. Moving on, let’s look at the costs of studying in both countries.


The average costs of education and living in both countries can let us understand which country is better in terms of expenses.

  • Cost of studying in UK

The average tuition fee for undergraduate students in the UK was $14,050, while for post-graduate, it was $15,012. 

The average living expense in the UK is about $1500 per year. 

  • Cost of studying in Australia

The average cost of studying in Australia for undergraduate students is about $12,100, while for post-graduate students, it is $13,090. 

The average cost of living in Australia is about $1200 per year.

Thus, we can see that it is more costly to study and live in the UK than in Australia. 

Moving on, let’s take a look at the academic curriculum for both countries.


Learning about the academic scenario in both nations can help us understand how easy it is for students to complete their courses and pass out with great GPAs.

Academic life in the UK

In the UK, the academic curriculum is based more on exams. Exams here are seen as vital in evaluating the performances of students. Students have fewer electives to choose from than their Australian counterparts. 

Also, the grading system here is based on honors and ranges from First Class to Third Class. Syllabuses in UK colleges and universities are more comprehensive and cover a broad range of topics that may not be related to the main subject. 

Academic life in Australia

In Australia, there is more balance between coursework and exams. Students are evaluated on various coursework like assignments, quizzes, discussions, presentations, and event participation. 

Australia also uses a grading system that ranges from High distinction to a fail. 

The Australian education system is more flexible than in the UK. There is more emphasis on elective subjects, and students can tailor their degrees to suit their specific career objectives and goals. Syllabuses here focus on the main course topics, and students can even specify the nature of their degree projects, be it videos, theses, or even research work. 


The UK has always been globally recognized for its prestigious educational institutions. For example, Cambridge and Oxford University are among the top 10 globally. Also, there are 18 UK universities and only 7 Australian ones in the top 100 universities list in the world.

The UK has a unique culture that has evolved with centuries with the British monarchy. The education system is more formal here, and students of certain colleges and universities have to wear specific uniforms. However, in Australia, the education system is more relaxed. This is because Australians are generally seen as laid-back and fun-loving individuals. 

Also, an honors degree in the UK requires students to have 360 credits, while in Australia, it is only 300. Also, many students are of the opinion that teachers and educators in the UK are more formal than Australian ones. 

Which one should you choose?

If you are looking to study in one of the best education systems globally and do not mind rainy and gloomy weather, you can think of giving the UK a go. You will face an incredible education system that dates back to as early as the year 1010!

However, if you love sunshine, beaches, and fun-loving, friendly people with whom you can have a great time, Australia is the place for you. With never-ending beaches, incredible wildlife, and a laid-back and relaxed education system, you will love this country’s Biology Assignment Help.

The degree from both nations is recognized globally and is not a determining factor for getting a job!

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