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Dune Bashing Excursion in Desert safari

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There are many desert safari excursions, and the top one which I always preferred is dune bashing. What is your experience with dune bashing? Dubai is the only place where you can experience such a ride. Dune bashing has an unrivaled adrenaline rush. As the car ascends the dune, it suddenly drops steeply.

Look at that dramatic drop. The crazy drive blows a lot of sand out. Want to see it for yourself? Getting a group of your friends together to go on a desert safari makes a lot of sense. The retreat promises to provide a relaxing getaway that will help you de-stress. What do you know more? Are you interested in this desert safari ride?  If so, and even if not, you can enjoy this ride in your favorite vehicle as per the instructions of your guide. Let’s come down to get more info about the ride

What’s Exciting about Dune bashing? 

This ride is much thrilling and exciting itself, and the best thing that is considered by everyone is this ride is included in every desert safari package. Therefore, the most common reason for visitors to Dubai to come on a Dubai desert safari is to experience Dune Bashing.

For dune bashing cars, jeeps and SUVs are used over the high and; low dunes on fast and low speed. It is thrilling and exciting to sit in a car and enjoy the offroading experience over the dunes. The most admirable thing is the manageable talent of the drivers who are professional enough to control the vehicle over the dunes in the perfect manner.

Expect frequent stops so the driver can maintain tire pressure. To maximize traction, reduce the tire pressure. Dunes bashing is so fun and is also entirely safe, so there is no reason not to attempt this thrilling adventure. You will not be taken for a ride by crazy drivers because it is equipped with safety gear. To book the trip, you will just need to ensure that the company has an excellent reputation in Dubai. 

Precautions For Dune Bashing

Now you may be worried about the safety measures that must be taken during this activity. No worries! We are here for the safety measures to help you during the ride. 

  • The most important thing is your seat belt. You should wear a tight seat belt because the jumps will be risky for you.
  • The next important step is closing the vehicle windows to keep the sand from entering the vehicle.
  • You will also get hurt if you open the window with your camera, and the sand will get into your eyes. So bring your own glasses.
  • Overeating and overdrinking during the safari can make you sick. You will feel queasy and may vomit.
  • Dune bashing in Dubai desert safari is not recommended for pregnant women or infants.

Desert Safari Packages With Dune Bashing

Dune bashing is part of every tour package offered by a tourist agency or company. Whatever you choose, you can experience dune bashing, whether it is a morning desert safari, an evening desert safari, an overnight desert safari, a VIP ride, or whatever else you want. As soon as you are picked up from your hotel, you will enjoy a dune-bashing adventure in a 4×4 SUV. It is an excellent opportunity for tourists to get this ride as an essential part of their package.

The vehicle will crush the sand in the dunes all around you. There is also the possibility of taking photographs, and it is also possible to stop whenever it is convenient for you. Make sure you choose a package that keeps your budget in mind.

Wrapping Up!

Dubai Desert safari is not about rides but a traditional lifestyle and a fantastic day with great rides, an excellent buffet, evening shows. In the Bedouin setting, you will be amazed at the safari and dune bashing, which is a unique activity.

Moreover, you can also enjoy quad biking, paragliding, hot balloon ride, sandboarding, henna designing, and more. It is essential to appreciate the desert rides and come back to your home with incredible memories whenever you visit Dubai.

You can also contact us to get more info about this safari excursion. Cheers!

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