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How Powerful is a Peterbilt 579 Model?

Peterbilt 579 Model

What’s with Peterbilt and why are the trucks making a buzz in the industry? Well, if it’s from PACCAR, it’s dependable and durable. PACCAR, the makers of Peterbilt, boasts of engines that can be considered as truly an engineering marvel. Their powertrains are built for the long haul. So, if it’s from PACCAR, it must be good!

Most efficient and economical 

Take for instance model 579. Said to be the best truck the company has ever built, this semi introduces a plethora of innovations and new technologies, making it a more practical and cost-effective choice for drivers and owners. With its lightweight and aerodynamic design, the Peterbilt 579 is by far the most efficient and economical among the trucks manufactured under this company.

The standard for driver comfort

The Peterbilt website introduces the 579 models as a new era of class, setting the standard for fuel efficiency, technology, and driver comfort. Its interior is said to offer the biggest storage capacity. As for its aerodynamic design, it was created to become the most cost-effective Class 8 model today with combined reliability and durability. The Aero Package comes with add-ons like skirts, fairing, and close-outs.

Superior and durable material

Going further, the cabin is made with durable and lightweight aluminum and the elements inside were created to last. Using a superior in-mold process, color has been ingrained into the dash which has resulted in a long-term finish that cannot fade or be peeled or scratched. 


During the designing of the Model 579, a significant amount of research was spent which has ultimately led to the creation of a roomy space, and yet, all things are just at the driver’s fingertips. What’s more, the Driver Display Package provides the driver with operation-critical gauges that are easy to read as these are written in big letters.

High-tech features

Peterbilt also has a system called SmartNav meant to work as a dual-function display, showing vital information and giving access to so many entertainment features. In addition, the system equipped with satellite radio, MP3, USB, and iPod connectivity also comes with a specifically designed Garmin navigation system, plus a hands-free Bluetooth connectivity as well as voice recognition. So, if that’s not a Peterbilt power, then what is?


Another good thing about the 579 models is that the trucks can be fitted with a 44-inch, 72-inch, or 80-inch detachable sleeper. The sleeper bunk can hold a mattress up to a maximum of 82 inches. A flat-screen TV can be attached to a special, swiveling mount intended for such a purpose. Above all, there’s plenty of overhead storage for all the stuff you pack along.

Thor24 on a Peterbilt

If you’ve been amazed by the Transformers movies, wait till you see this more amazing semi truck. Aptly named Thor24, this world-class monster is fitted with two 12-cylinder Detroit Diesel engines attached to the nose-to-nose splined crankshaft and boosted by 12 superchargers including 8 nitrous oxide bottles in between the middle bank. Its creator, Mike Harrah used a 1979 Peterbilt 359 that took him 7 years and $10M to create in Arizona.

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