You know what they say about insurance companies and paperwork: you either live long enough to be able to buy one, or you die buried beneath it. For as long as one can remember, the insurance sector (including agencies) has been saturated in vast volumes of papers. They’ve been running their firm by hand, with no technology assistance. 

Software for insurance companies have been avoiding digital transformation due to product complexity, restrictions, and large balance sheets. Agencies are under much more stress since they must handle their book of business, agents, commissions, claims, and a variety of insurance products.

What is a Management System for Insurance Agencies (AMS)?

An insurance management system, or AMS, is a SaaS (Software as a Service) application that may assist agencies enhance their business processes and function more efficiently. It keeps track of insurance policy details, boosts agent productivity, and gives you immediate access to customer information. Not only that, but it also aids in the management of client claims and the processing of commissions for agents. It automates a number of tasks, allowing the agency to operate more quickly and efficiently.

A growing number of insurance firms are looking for a more efficient approach to automate everyday processes and manage their book of business. They also use tech-based apps to manage their everyday operations.

Customer Journey Builder allows you to create personalized journeys.

A customer journey is a map of how consumers engage with a company’s services and goods. To reach their target audience, the insurance firm must ensure that the client journey is seamless and enjoyable. A well-thought path builder handles all the challenges, regardless of the campaign aim – new customer acquisition, dormant lead reactivation, raising upsell/cross-sell rates, increasing renewal ratios, app installations, app use.

Helps in boosting the productivity

From generating leads to storing and allocating them to the appropriate agent, the insurance selling process entails a series of repeated procedures. These chores, however, can be time-consuming and inconvenient. It improves the efficiency of the sales process and has a direct influence on revenue. The sales and marketing automation systems, meanwhile, entirely remove any possibility of human mistake.

Creating a Robust Business Process that Includes Accurate Commission Processing

The insurance agency business process relies heavily on commission processing. Using spreadsheets or excel for calculating sales incentives might lead to erroneous results. As a result, using an automated, data-driven, and purpose-driven solution to boost agent morale and revenue potential is critical. It keeps agents informed about their daily progress and encourages straightforward and error-free bookkeeping. 


For a long time, the notion of up-selling and cross-selling has been used in a variety of businesses. Every industry has benefited from this notion, from retail stores and restaurants to e-commerce and finance. But what if up-sell and cross-sell warnings could be automated based on the customer’s previous purchases? Isn’t that comforting? Similarly, if agents fail to contact consumers at the time of renewal, agencies risk losing potential customers. It may result in a lower client retention rate, as well as a reduction in revenue potential. As a result, sales personnel must be reminded on a regular basis.